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International aggregate of strategists, artists, inventors, storytellers, creators, developers, designers and above all problem solvers.

Longo Park 1

An international aggregate of strategists, artists, inventors, storytellers, creators, developers, designers and above all problem solvers that love what we do.





Longo Park is a chicago based architecture & design workshop that challenged the traditional role of architecture through a mix of research fabrication and collaborative design. 



& Interactive


Longo partnered with noformat for their shared believe that the value of design is most impactful when it is holistic. We understand that all parts of the process -- from the design's conception to the last construction detail -- combine to create a lasting impression.


& Responsive


We built a custom Php/CSS based system  that goes beyong your typical responsive site to actually recreate the pages based on screen size. Addin or removing pages and reflowing content as needed to adapt to browser size or browsing platforms with a the bonus of making it easy for Longo Park to add any type and length of content without breaking the template.



A flexible


Our goal was to create an iconic, impactful and minimal identity that could be applied with a stamp or emboss to any surface. We wanted to incorporate the design workshop tagline but it would have been too small to read or to blurry when stamped so we swapped out the “tm” for “dm”. A subtle but effective touch. The final result is a flexible branding system that we have proven can be adapted to any circumstanc.